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If there is one lesson that 2020 has taught us, it’s that flexibility and agility are needed in companies, especially today. Life altering events have changed the way humans work, live and see the world. Because of this, customization and flexibility are more important than ever, especially in the corporate world. We need to have agile functionality in our work to cater to the needs of customers and clients.

Trends show that customers are looking for stores that give them flexibility in choosing their own delivery date. That extra step in customization can go a long way in retaining customers, and avoiding cart abandonment. In fact, a study conducted by Accenture shows that two-thirds of consumers have chosen a retailer based on the number of delivery options offered. The data clearly shows that delivery processes are a top priority to consumers.

Business owners and their customers should have full customization of order delivery dates, even down to the very hour. This is why we created our Date Change App Add-on to Bold Subscriptions. It gives you full control over almost every aspect of inventory delivery.

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Why You Need Customizable Delivery Options

Online growth has absolutely exploded and so has mobile shopping! 2020 has been the largest online eCommerce boom we have ever seen. In fact, Shopify saw a 76% increase over Black Friday Cyber Monday, resulting in merchant sales growing to over $5 billion USD.

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As you can see, online shopping is more popular and relevant than ever. The eCommerce industry is changing rapidly as increases in demand rock the online business world. Because of this, inventory management is essential to the success and expansion of any successful eCommerce business.

Control and customization are growing more and more popular in today’s world. That’s why subscription boxes are growing in popularity – customers want a sense of control and involvement in the process. They want the business they shop from to see them as a person, rather than just another number in their book.

With our Date Change App Add-on for Bold Subscriptions, there is flexibility for the customer and the business owner to specifically choose when the product is delivered. Business owners need to have full transparency over where and when their products are being sent. In addition, more and more customers are expecting the ability to choose when and where their orders are delivered. To ensure satisfaction on both ends, our Date Change App Add-on has many workable functionalities to accomplish this.

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What Is Our App Capable Of?

    • Complete adjustability of order dates and times
    • Specifically decide when and where the customer gets their product delivered
    • Can be applied to anything – Variants, Collections, Products etc… The sky’s the limit!

Creative Client Customizations:

One of the creative ways our client uses the Date Change App Add-on for Bold Subscriptions, is by allowing their customers absolute delivery date customization. Their customers may change the tentative arrival date of their fruit delivery box as many times as they need. This is beneficial and valuable to the busy customer who needs flexibility in their lives.

Another one of our clients allows their customers to subscribe to a trial pack option of vitamins. The customer can then change the date of the next order once the trial period is over. This is perfect for the interested customer who will appreciate the flexibility and personalization of the product.

The Final Word

There has never been a more crucial time to offer personalization and customization for customers. With the constant change and uncertainty this year has brought, shoppers are looking for flexibility and convenience rather than being boxed in to set delivery dates and times.

Giving shoppers the ability to decide when and where they want their product to go gives businesses an edge over those that don’t provide this option. Our Date Change App Add-on for Bold Subscriptions allows for full control and customizable options at your fingertips, letting you decide when and where you want your product delivered, at your full disclosure.

If you would like to hear more about how your inventory and delivery can be optimized and personalized, give us a call! We’d love to discuss your project over a virtual meeting together.

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