eCommerce Platform Roundup 2021
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According to G2 (The world’s largest tech marketplace), there are over 370 eCommerce platforms! If we were to write about them all, it would turn into a novel. So we’ve rounded up the top 10 instead. Learn what each offers and whether it’s right for you.

1. BigCommerce

If you’re a large retail brand, BigCommerce offers robust functionality options like page builder tools, an advanced marketing toolkit and powerful 3rd-party app integrations, to name a few. Prices start at $29.95 USD/month.

Notable clients: Ben&Jerry’s, Skullcandy

2. Shopify

Easy set-up and launch, a dedicated POS system and super fast load times make Shopify a popular choice for store owners. A downside is weak SEO tools and inability to customize the check out process. (Though we can help with the last one!).

Prices start at $29 USD/month.

Notable clients: Fashion Nova, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

3. Wix

Beginner friendly Wix has come a long way since they launched their eCommerce platform in 2020. From many free and beautiful themes (Shopify has only 10!) to excellent support, Wix is a great place for those just starting out.

Prices start at $20 USD/month.

Notable clients: Ultasmile, Evolve Clothing

4. WooCommerce

If you love WordPress and know your way around, then WooCommerce is the platform for you. Designed to turn any wordpress site into an eCommerce store, this highly customizable platform is great for SEO and has a large community of WordPress experts that can offer advice and help.

Prices start at FREE!

Notable clients: Bata Shoes, Snoop Dogg

5. Shift4Shop

The eCommerce platform formerly known as 3dcart offers no storage or transaction fees, but if you’re a beginner it’s probably not for you. While it has ​​excellent business user management tools like Quickbooks and inventory management, it’s lacking in the customer support area.

Prices start at $29.99 USD/month.

6. Volusion

Volusion has been around since 2002 and is a great platform for small to medium sized businesses. It lets you create a store without coding, but if you do know code you can dive in and customize your store with CSS. 

Prices start at $29 USD/month.

7. PrestaShop

Free, open-source eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop save you money but require you to have some technical knowledge to operate. It does offer strong SEO capabilities and 3rd party app integrations.

Prices start at FREE!

8. Weebly

If you’re looking for simplicity, look no further than Weebly. 40 million customers love its drag-and-drop editing, ease-of-use and accessibility. If you’re looking to get started quickly and don’t want to hire a developer, Weebly has all the basic tools you need for a functional store.

Prices start at FREE!

9. Squarespace

Squarespace offers awesome 3rd party app integrations like ShipStation and ShipBob that allow for real-time shipping rate calculation – a feature customers love. Sleek templates and easy drag-and-drop design features are the cherry on top.

Prices start at FREE!

10. Magento

If you have the budget and developers, Magento offers a world of possibilities for eCommerce store owners. It also has a large user community you can rely on with questions and help, when needed. We don’t recommend this for beginners.

Notable clients: Nike, Procter & Gamble

The Final Word

Whether you’re starting out or looking to upgrade, we hope you find the platform you’re looking for! We’re ready to help with customizations and our team of developers is well-versed in the eCommerce platform of your choosing.

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Tatiana Dudin

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