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We recently came across a fantastic article that will help your small business look big! We understand how difficult it is for a small business to establish a reputation in 2016.

50% of small businesses don’t have a website and 75% of mobile users access the internet from their phones, this number is estimated to rise up to 86% in less than 2 years; search engines like google give preference to sites that work well on mobile

As the article says, small business owners don’t have a budget of US$2.6 BILLION like Procter & Gamble; however, by deciding how much you can spend building a website to help your customers find your products or services and engaging with your customers in social media, your business will be ahead of the competition, simply because most small business owners don’t have a marketing budget.

Posting content online in social networks when there is time for a few weeks and then dropping the ball, whether because of lack of time or not getting any results with the blog or social media is not the way to go. There is too much going on, plus search engines and social media networks are changing the rules and algorithms constantly.

At Westmount Solutions we work with clients with small budgets and find solutions for their website, updates, content creation, blogging, posting and engaging on their behalf with clients.

Establishing a marketing budget and stay consistent with it, is definitely what small business owners need to do in order to increase sales and visibility for their products, services and brand. Having a mobile ready website is a must for the acquisition of new customers. Content creation and sharing it property in social networks is the way to keep existing clients engage and aware of new products and services.

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