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How Westmount Solutions untangled Knit Collage’s loyalty program

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When Knit Collage, an online yarn store and knitting community came to us and told us they wanted a custom loyalty program, we got to work. We wanted to give them a way to reward loyal customers through a points system that’s automatic and easy to administer. Now their community of knitters can reap the rewards and continue making beautiful things out of yarn.

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Who is Knit Collage?

Knit Collage is knot your average yarn store! Founder Amy fell in love with hand spinning long ago. Hand spinning is an ancient textile art, where plant or animal fibers are manually spun into yarn. Many commercial yarns are created by machines, but Knit Collage is different. Amy turned her passion into a business and Knit Collage was born!

The company is a global endeavour – with wool from Australia, mohair from South Africa and a team of 13 expert women in Punjab, India spinning by hand. The result is high-quality, vibrantly beautiful, hand-made yarn that is used by passionate knitters across the globe.

Knit Collage doesn’t just sell yarn though, they also have a thriving online community where members have access to tutorial videos and lessons. These are the members they wanted to reward.

To put it simply, Knit Collage wanted to reward users that signed up for a monthly membership that gives members the chance to participate in live lessons with knitting experts and ask questions. Knit Collage thought loyalty points would be a wonderful addition to their membership and asked us to create a custom loyalty program.

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What did they ask of us?

They wanted the loyalty points to have a dollar value that could be used towards purchases in the Knit Collage store. The points would be assigned automatically whenever a customer purchases a monthly membership.

Let’s get into the knitty-gritty of it. Westmount Solutions is a preferred development partner for Bold Commerce, the #1 App maker for Shopify.
The development world is very collaborative!

How Westmount Solutions Helped

We integrated our WS Loyalty App into the back-end of Knit collage’s site, where it tracks paid member’s purchases, automatically adding points each month.

That means we:
Assign a loyalty tag to Knit Collage’s Bold Membership customers

    • Our WS Loyalty app records customers’ monthly payments and automatically adds 10 points to each member account
    • The members now are able to pick and choose when and how many points they would like to apply to their future purchases

The Westmount Solutions Loyalty App is able to assign and categorize each customer within the site as a member or non-member. That member is then automatically assigned points they can use towards purchases. When the customer goes through the purchase process, they see their points balance update! And everything is automatic!

The Results

Knit Collage was very happy with the automation of assigned loyalty points to their customers each month. Now they have an easy to manage, automated loyalty program that rewards its members and encourages them to spend their points on Knit Collage products.

From increasing customer retention to improving your brand’s reputation, loyalty programs are an important part of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re thinking of a points program like Knit Collage, a VIP member program or a tiered program, we can help! Regular loyalty programs often box you in and force you to use predetermined parameters. When you work with us, you get total customization on how you want to reward your customers.

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or just want to discuss what customized loyalty program might be right for your business, reach out to us on a call. We can’t wait to help you reward your customers.

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