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Fine-tune your advertising ROI with these 7 SEO tools

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free seo Keyword Research

Keyword Research Is Key For Effective SEO

The secret to drive relevant traffic to your website is: Keyword Selection. It is crucial to the success of paid searches, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns as well as Content Strategy.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using Paid Keyword Research Tools like Wordtracker ($59.95 /mo)
or Keyword Discovery ($69.95 /mo). An alternative to these are the following tremendously effective and 100% free
research tools:free PPC westmount solutions

7 FREE Keyword Research Tools recommended by Westmount Solutions SEO and Social Media Team:

1. Serpstat
We use it for non-US clients. SERPstat covers many international Search Engines.

2. Keyword Tool.io
Excellent for creating variations of keywords when building pages and content creation as well.

3. WordStream
The Bing integration is what we like most about WordStream. Managing AdWords at the same time is possible.

4. KGen
Kgen enables us to find our clients competitors strongest keywords.

5. UberSuggest
By entering a keyword, UberSuggest automatically gives us several possibilities organized in groups.

6. Keyword Eye
We really like Keyword Eye. Instead of getting lots of hard to read data, this tool shows us the keywords visually.

7. KeywordSpy

We use it to get a list of keywords that make money to our client’s competitors. KeywordSpy really does spy on their money making keywords. A free lifetime trial is available.

Our SEO Team tested these to measure keyword effectiveness and using results to fine-tune copy and settings on our test websites. We were able to obtain amazing results on PPC and SEO budgets.

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