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Cut out the middleman and bring in the middleware!

Capture info from Shopify → apply mapping rules → organize info into a readable format for logistics company.

Our RuleSurfer app connects to the API of any eCommerce platform to retrieve orders in real time and can be configured to make decisions based on your requirements and convert those orders into tasks in other platforms. Perhaps you want to choose a specific delivery company for orders that are to be delivered in certains zip codes? RuleSurfer will connect to each delivery company’s tracking software to ensure the right service is chosen. We also integrate with local delivery management apps like Onfleet.

Custom Managed Subscriptions Page

Take your customers’ subscriptions experience to the next level. 

One of the greatest ways to create customer retention is by providing an easy to use experience after the first subscriptions purchase. Out-of-the-box Manage Subscriptions Pages or “MSPs” get the job done. But they tend to be quite underwhelming and sometimes even confusing. With our custom MSP, a customer can easily edit their subscription, add or remove products, purchase one-time cross sells or upsells, and change the shipping date without completely changing the flow of the current subscription. 

The sky is limit, and we don’t use that saying lightly. If you dream it, we can do it – from custom functionality, right down to custom design. Don’t let out-of the box products handcuff your customer experience after the first sale is complete. Keep them coming back for more.

Subscriptions Add-on

Complete control over where and when your products get delivered!

Fully control and customize delivery options, down to the very hour. Can be applied to variants, collections, products, etc…The sky’s the limit!

Our Subscriptions add-on allows you to create custom rules to override processing dates and times set natively by subscriptions providers. Create custom rule sets to swap subscription products under a variety of circumstances, be it an inventory issue, or a convertible subscription.

Loyalty Points

Keep your customers coming back for more!

Assign points anytime, anywhere and to anyone, with limitless capabilities.

Our loyalty discounts app knows who to assign points to, when to assign points, and how many points to give. Start building relationships with your clients while maintaining control and flexibility over who receives loyalty points. Loyalty rewards are key to retaining and rewarding existing shoppers and motivate shoppers to create subscriptions. If you’re looking to do more with loyalty discounts and rewards, we can customize them to meet your ever changing needs!

Discount Rules Engine

You create the rules – our rule engine auto-defines the discounts!

Simplify complicated discount combinations, create stackable discounts and escape endless coupon codes. 

Our Price Rule Engine allows you to create virtually unlimited discounts and associated discounting rules. You can customize discounts for any product and even correspond with specific customers to receive specific discounts on specific products without the need for discount codes.


Manage your inventory to prevent subscription orders from being skipped when a product is not in stock.

If your subscription customers regularly leverage your managed subscriptions page to swap out their products, you will find that if one of those new products is out of stock at the time the order is processed, the whole order will be skipped. Our app verifies the inventory available before the subscription orders are placed, and temporarily removes out of stock items so that the rest of the order is fulfilled, instead of being skipped.

Get enterprise ready!

Meet the needs of your customers and unlock the full potential of your business!