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Build-a-Box + Custom Subscription Management Dashboard


Farmivore is a customizable farm box and local veggie delivery in Ventura County, CA.


Farmivore wanted to offer their customers an easy to navigate Build-a-Box page to allow customers to quickly create subscription boxes of local farm produce that would be delivered to their doors in California on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Westmount Solutions created an easy to use Build-a-Box on a collection template using the same look and feel of the Farmivore store.

We also created a powerful dashboard that leverages the Bold Subscriptions API and replaces the standard Manage Subscription Page by Bold Commerce.


“While other developers told me my project was not possible, Westmount Solutions put four developers on a face-to-face video call with me right away, and we found a workable solution together. We have continued to work with them on other custom solutions for our store.”
– Farmivore

01. Build-a-Box Custom Workflow

We created a Shopify Collection Template that displays all the produce currently available for purchase and when selected, is added to a floating Build-a-Box on the right hand side of the screen. Customers are able to add and remove items and edit quantities from within the Build-a-Box and can choose the frequency that their subscription orders will be delivered.

02. Split Cart

Farmivore offers farm boxes as subscription and one-time purchases. Some of their subscribers want farm boxes with the same ingredients every week as well as the option of occasional one-time purchases. We created a split cart that allows customers to view their subscription farm boxes separately from their one-time purchase farm boxes. The major benefit for Farmivore is that a subscription box checkout moves customers to the Bold Subscriptions recurring orders checkout to set up the subscription, and then the one-time-purchase farm box can be checked out in the Shopify checkout separately, without interfering with the customer’s subscription.

03. Subscription Management Dashboard

Farmivore wanted a dynamic way for customers to update the contents of their subscription farm box. Rather than customers having to learn how to use the Bold Subscriptions Dashboard, we created a new dashboard that uses the look and feel of the existing Farmivore website. It allows customers to edit their payment and shipping details while redirecting them back to the original Build-a-Box that they used to create their subscription with their current subscription products populated. They can then easily add and remove products to update their farmbox before their next delivery occurs.

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