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Custom Subscriptions Workflow + Product Supply Calculator + Improved UX


Founded in 1978, Horse Guard provides horse supplements through a foundation of nutritional science and the love of happy, healthy horses.


Horse Guard wanted to give their customers an autoship and save option on their purchases that also allows them to customize their order based on the number of horses and their weights. They also wanted to improve the user experience with a modern, easy-to-navigate site.


Horse Guard provided us with excel sheets of information on the recommended dosage to weight ratio of each of their supplement products. We then created a formula that automatically calculates the amount of vitamins/supplements needed based on how many horses are being fed and their respective weights.

Customers can now enter the number of horses and their respective weights using a beautiful and intuitive slider tool. They can choose how often the horses will be taking the supplements and the size of the supplement bag in lbs.

The recommended supplement size is clearly displayed and is automatically calculated. To facilitate the autoship and save widget, we use Bold Subscriptions as the backbone. Now when a customer chooses the autoship option, the savings are clearly displayed.

“Our customers were struggling to understand how often they should receive their subscriptions and Westmount Solutions was able to take multiple variables and present them to our customers in an easy-to-understand way. We now have a user-friendly workflow our clients love!”
– Horse Guard

01. Custom Subscriptions Workflow & Product Supply Calculator

Horse Guard wanted a dynamic subscriptions workflow that was tailored to each of their subscriptions products. A customer can select their product of choice, the number of horses the customer is purchasing for, as well as the approximate weight of the horse(s).

The Product Supply Calculator will then take these factors into consideration and will calculate the longevity of the product based on corresponding size variants. Horse Guard has also limited the subscription to recur at a minimum of 20 days. So in turn, if a size variant’s longevity, or “Day Supply” is less than 20 days, it will be omitted as an option to purchase.

02. Improved UX

Horse Guard wanted a new, clean and high converting user experience (UX). Utilizing the Flex theme by Out of the Sandbox, we were able to migrate Horse Guard from their old theme over to Flex. As its name suggests, the theme allows for advanced customization, is extremely flexible and provides an intuitive user experience that performs great on all devices.

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