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Juniper House

Customer-Specific Pricing + Store Migration


Juniper House is a California-based luxury furniture retailer that sells to home, restaurant, hotel and commercial customers.


Juniper House needed to upgrade their theme to gain access to more features, tools and enjoy faster loading speeds.

Because Juniper House sells to both direct consumer and wholesale customers, they also needed to modify the way pricing is displayed throughout their store to different types of customers.


We migrated all of their previous theme customizations to the new Flex Theme.

We also used a customized installation of the Bold Custom Pricing App so that when customers from a specific tier are logged in, they are able to see the same items as the general public but at a different price point.

01. Customer-Specific Pricing

Utilizing “Bold Custom Pricing” as a backbone, we incorporated the app into the theme. We then used unique customer tags which were defined and assigned manually when a user signs up for an account, according to the type of customer they are and what discount tier they will be awarded. This is dependent on the results of Juniper House’s wholesale membership screening process at sign-up.

When a user then logs into their account, each customer type is allocated a specific pricing tier – a residential contractor will see different pricing than an architect or design professional, and so on.

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