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Knit Collage creates vibrant hand-spun yarns, patterns and kits for knitters across the world.


Knit Collage was looking for a way to offer loyalty points and automatically assign them to their members using specific triggers. They also needed a way to restrict Knit Collage course content and make it accessible to only certain members.


Our Westmount Solutions loyalty app credits each Knit Collage customer with new points every time a membership payment is processed or a purchase is made. The framework for the app was built for the Shopify Platform and was then integrated with Bold Memberships, Stripe and Paypal.

The end result was a completely customized loyalty program allowing customers to pay with points using a custom cart which transfers the selected points and creates a discount code that is applied at checkout.

A custom admin portal allows the merchant to have control over every aspect of their loyalty program. In addition to the loyalty program, the Bold Memberships product allowed for gated content, so that paying members have access to content and courses a regular user would not.

01. Custom Cart

When a member is signed in they can view their available points on the cart page. Customers can then select how many points they wish to apply to their order at checkout with a seamless Pay with Points program.

02. Custom Admin Portal

We designed a clean admin portal where the Knit Collage team can customize the allocation of points, be it by a specific trigger or a specific customer. Utilizing the custom admin portal, the merchant can maintain the following, and more:

  • Manually reward customers with loyalty points
  • Control how many points are applied according to the amount a customer spends
  • Automatically assign points for being a Knit Collage member
  • Create new rules
  • Track customers’ reward balances

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