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We Feed Raw is a pet food company that provides raw meal plans to pets across the US. They offer complete meal plans and treats for animals of all sizes and ages.


We Feed Raw wanted to offer their new subscription customers an intuitive way to order their pet food in the correct quantities for their cats and dogs. Customers need to be able to enter their pets activity level, weight and age. The correct amount of food for the pet is then calculated and a suggested meal plan is clearly displayed.


We created a user friendly workflow and integrated a calculator to determine the quantities of food produce required for different subscription intervals.

01. Custom Subscription Workflow

We Feed Raw’s goal was to present their customers with an easy to follow workflow that presents a perfectly portioned raw pet food meal plan subscription. So that’s exactly what we built!

A user can now go in and create a subscription for their pet of choice, selecting credentials according to a pets breed, ideal weight and age, followed by a couple of questions specific to a “raw food” diet, and finally a choice between an essentials and premium plan option. From there the workflow defaults to a subscription that auto-ships the meal plan every two weeks. However, the customer can also adjust this to a “one-time purchase”.

The end result is a beautiful, feature-rich subscriptions (or one-time purchase) workflow!

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