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YourZooki makes delicious, innovative health products and supplements including collagen, vitamin C and CBD oils.


YourZooki needed to redesign their website to showcase their products, create a seamless check-out process for customers and allow site visitors to browse the website in an easy and intuitive way.


We implemented a complete redesign of YourZooki’s website. From a fresh user experience (UX), to a subscribe & save model that allows customers to “try before they buy ” the goal was to give YourZooki’s customers the experience of a lifetime.

01. UX + Design Overhaul

Our goal was to make the YourZooki site as user friendly as possible. YourZooki utilized “Zeplin” to design and mockup the entire website. From there we carried out the entire implementation ensuring the site met expectations, and functioned as intended. This created an easy to use interface for their customers from the point they land on the website, right through to the checkout.

YourZooki also deploys a “Multibuy” program for one time purchases, which discounts specific products according to the volume a customer purchases. The more you buy, the more you essentially save.

02. Subscribe & Save + Subscriptions Add-on

Harnessing recurring revenue was a must so we implemented a subscribe-and-save program using Bold Subscriptions as the backbone. By default, one box is shipped every 4 weeks, with the ability for the customer to change the frequency of recurrence.

We also implemented a trial pack subscription, where customers can trial the selected product before it converts to a paid subscription order 7 days after the date of purchase. If the customer so chooses, they can cancel the subscription order prior to the end of the 7 day trial period.

This utilizes a convertible subscription within the Bold product and our Westmount Solutions Date Changer Add-on to adjust the next order product as well as effectively changing the order date of the following subscription.

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