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Today is my 3-month anniversary with Westmount Solutions and it’s been amazing so far. To celebrate, I am reflecting on my first week and taking you behind the scenes of who we are as a company.

First Week Takeaways:
The relationships within the team at Westmount Solutions are incredibly supportive. Everyone ends their days by asking, “How can I help before I go?” It is important to us that we create an open environment for dialogue and questions. We believe having a cohesive team environment best serves our clients. Reflecting back, I can now admit that there have been (more than) a few times when my coworkers drop everything to help me.

As time has gone by, I continue to feel supported and encouraged as an employee here. I am able to take my love for social media and post content on our channels for the company.  I’ve even been able to explore my strengths and transition into a new role as a Business Development Manager! In this role, I have a stronger presence in our social media and am able to reach out to prospective clients around the world! Our company as a whole is made up of the amazing individuals that work together.

Coworkers Weigh In:
I then turned to my coworkers, Liam and Simon, to ask them a little about their first week at Westmount Solutions as Solution Consulting Managers. Simon says, “Joining Westmount Solutions has been my single greatest decision of 2020.” He continued on to say,

“In my first week of working here, 
I knew I was going to be here to 
grow for a long time – you truly feel 
like a family here. There are countless companies that “say” that they are a 
Family, but here it truly is so.”

I reached out to Liam next for some insight into his first week. “On my first day at Westmount Solutions, I felt very welcomed to the team and everybody was eager to make me feel like part of the family.” He jokingly added,

“Do you ever find yourself on YouTube killing time and watching the clock, waiting for 6 pm? 
I don’t… and I love it!”

As I write this article, I’m reflecting on how human-oriented this team has continued to be since my first day. We firmly believe that creating a support system within the company is the first step in best serving our clients. It’s a relief to know that if I am ever stuck, or need a helping hand, I can turn to anyone in the team, and they’ll treat me as well as they do our clients.

So if you’re looking for a professional and human team to carry your project to the finish line, reach out to our team here at Westmount Solutions. We do IT! You do your business!

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Michaela Jonsson