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Scale subscriptions on WooCommerce without replatforming

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If you’re running and managing your online store using WooCommerce, you are undoubtedly enjoying the benefits of this open-source platform that is built on WordPress. One thing that distinguishes WooCommerce from competitors like Shopify and BigCommerce is the control shop owners get over their store. Unlike many other platforms, WooCommerce offers complete customization and control, with the caveat being that it tends to get a little more technical. 

As your store grows and evolves, scaling your store means preparing it for higher traffic, offering expanded services (such as subscriptions), and ensuring your site stays fast as you offer more products to customers.

While you may think that replatforming away from WooCommerce is necessary to ensure scalability, that is a myth. WooCommerce is perfectly suited to support the growth of your store while giving you the control other eCommerce platforms don’t offer. As Bold’s largest solutions partner, we work with their technology to ensure store owners using WooCommerce can grow their store without unnecessary replatforming. 


Who is Bold Commerce?

Bold Commerce provides eCommerce technology to store owners around the world through its innovative checkout, subscription and price rules software. More than 90000 merchants use Bold Commerce for cutting-edge eCommerce tools to help power their online stores. 

Their Bold Subscriptions solution allows store owners to design a custom onboarding sequence, unique rulesets, checkout flow, and subscriber portal with robust APIs and webhooks.


How Westmount Solutions Can Help

We are a Bold Elite Partner, which means our relationship with Bold gives us intimate technical knowledge of their software, visibility of Bold APIs and development know-how. We have implemented and customized Bold Subscriptions for hundreds of brands. 

For stores that are looking to scale, Bold’s out-of-the-box solutions allow you to easily manage high-volume, high-traffic sales spikes, fully customize your subscription offering and scale your WooCommerce store without replatforming. Together we can tailor a subscription service that’s a perfect fit for your brand and store. 


The Final Word

Rather than a complicated replatform, a dedicated technical team that understands your needs and scaling vision can ensure your store grows using WooCommerce. Replatforming can be a messy and expensive process – from losing your SEO rankings to needing to hire a professional replatforming specialist, it can be counterproductive to a store that’s trying to grow. 

With Bold and Westmount Solutions you can modify your store freely, remain on a platform you are familiar with and continue enjoying all the benefits of using WooCommerce as your platform of choice.

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Tatiana Dudin

Tatiana is passionate writer with over 10 years of experience writing for the tech industry.