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Why you need a digital presence AFTER your crowdfunding is complete 

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Kickstarter has given inventors, performers and entrepreneurs a platform to let the world know about their creations and secure funding from the general public. But what happens after funding is complete? While some creators may be content to sit back and let their project end once their product has been delivered to customers, the eCommerce savvy ones know the journey has just begun.

How can crowdfunding and eCommerce fulfill or increase your fundraising efforts?

Taking the step from crowdfunding to eCommerce is the natural evolution of your business. If you’ve had great success finding backers, then your product should be made available to the big, wide world! Beyond that, your communication and marketing towards your backers should also continue. Remember that your best buyers are people who are already using the crowdfunding platform, so your advertising efforts should be mainly directed towards them. 

Kickbooster allows you to continue communicating with people who funded your project or idea after your project has launched. Integrating your crowdfunding with a Shopify store ensures the longevity of your product and encourages your customers, influencers, and content collaborators to help drive more sales to your eCommerce store.

Before beginning crowdfunding

You’ve got a great product but before you begin your crowdfunding efforts, consider setting up your Shopify store and integrating it with your Kickstarter project. ECommerce should be part of your plan. Great product shots, killer copy for the product descriptions and a well-designed online store are key. Even if you set up a very basic store, you will be one step ahead of the competition. 

Consider the technology you’ll need to integrate your eCommerce store and your crowdfunding project. Will you need custom solutions? An affiliate program? How will you communicate with your backers? Pop-ups and email marketing are fairly simple ways you can keep in touch and drive sales.

After crowdfunding is complete

If you haven’t prepared and didn’t create an ecommerce store alongside your crowdfunding, it’s not too late to start! Our journeys are all different, so if your crowdfunding was a success and people love your project you can still capitalize on that momentum. Now is the time to start pushing new products, offering rewards for referrals to your backers and promote your projects to an even wider audience.

Don’t forget your social media! Whether through organic or paid posts, you should regularly create content to spread the word about your awesome products.

Kickbooster X Westmount Solutions

Our partnership with Kickbooster allows you to have flexibility through custom solutions. Kickstarter allows you to get funding anonymously but it doesn’t allow you to market and sell to those people after. That’s where Kickbooster and Westmount Solutions come in. 

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