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Visbiome is an eight-strain, high potency probiotic that contains helpful, live bacteria. Their online store sells probiotics formulated for adults, babies and pets.


Because of their sensitive nature, Visbiome’s products need to be delivered in a timely manner. This means every order must be guaranteed to be delivered next day, or the potency and efficacy of the probiotic will be compromised.


Our Westmount Solutions Date Change Add-on integrates with the Bold Subscriptions App and adjusts next order dates that fall between Thursday and Sunday. This means that recurring orders are only processed between Monday and Wednesday.

If a customer’s subscription falls on a Friday, their order will automatically be processed on Monday, ensuring the time-sensitive probiotic is delivered to the customer on Tuesday.

01. Subscriptions Add-on

Our Date Change Add-on has an intuitive user interface that allows Visbiome to determine during which days of the week, time limits and specific cut-offs an order can (or cannot) be processed.

We connect our Date Change Add-on to the Bold subscriptions API. According to the date the order is placed, (be it Thursday, Friday or Saturday) we push the processing day forward to the following Monday. If the order is placed on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday the order is processed accordingly, as it can be delivered the next day.

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